David Wilson-Johnson

New cd releases:

Beethoven - Symphony No. 9

Christiane Oelze, Ingeborg Danz
Christoph Strehl, David Wilson-Johnson
Collegium Vocale Gent
Royal Flemish Philharmonic
conducted by Philippe Herreweghe

Trevor Hold Song Cycles

The Image Stays
Voices from the orchard
River Songs
David Wilson-Johnson
David Owen Norris
Dutton Lion label

Forthcoming concerts:

Beethoven's Fidelio (Don Fernando)

Jan 25   Utrecht  2017

      26   Rotterdam  general

      27   Rotterdam

      28   Hasselt/Utrecht

      29/30 reh Carre

      31   Carre   Amsterdam

Feb  1   Carre Amsterdam

       2    free day

       3    Paris/France

       4    Paris/France 

Orchestra of the 18th Century
Jonathan Darlington

Nixon in China John Adams (Chou en Lai)

February 11 2017

Concertgebouw Amsterdam

NPS Matinee